A centralised, open and transparent system of collaboration for defining how we all as a group of individuals want to help each other and govern ourselves as we take the tentative steps beyond one world.

This is a call to action to every individual who wants to change the world to finally help each other and collectively fix the global problems within it. It involves first creating a central place for this effort and collaborating together equally to define it and make it grow.

An idea like this needed a time, a place and way to implement it.


I hope first to capture your imagination. Imagine if you personally ruled the world, what changes would you make - here are some of my own thoughts...

Imagine a world where regional governments are not important, where there no one person has any more power over others, where all decisions are open to all, visible to all and there are no more secrets.

Imagine being able to take an equal and active part in creating and shaping the system by which we all live in the ultimate collaboration, one being having one voice and billions all working towards their agreed principles and aims. Where each voice is heard, recorded and added to universal policy making and action.

Imagine the next stage of the Internet, a platform, a grid, that connects everyone together, that has the power and capability of running all the processes that we all need to improve ourselves, our lives and our ability to cure the problems that we all face.

Imagine a system with the responsibility of protecting every individual within it. Connecting those that need help with those that have the ability to help. Defined in a way that resources reach those in need immediately without regional hesitation or worldwide ignorance.

Imagine having a universal system that serves us all, that we all control, that openly and transparently takes care of all that we require of it like resourcing, logistics, recycling, manufacturing and services without wasteful competition, profiteering or monopolisation.

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