Where on earth do you start with a project like this?

The most important goal in the early stages of this project is visibility.

If you have questions or thoughts you would like to share with this then please feel free to post in the discussion group at

Here are some other thoughts for areas of discussion:-

If you are really interested and would like to be an active member in shaping this then join the BeyondOneWorld domain - send an email to with your First Name, Last Name and a username you would like to use at and I will add you in. This will give you access to the sites we will use to share information and build the first stages.

Please do let anyone know about this site who may be interested. Send them an email, talk to them about it - spread the word.

There is a real need for some Internet marketing allies at this moment in time to help spread the word.

Possibly some web design or usability experts to ensure that the system is presentable to the public at any time. 

The first stage of this project will need to be determined. My own thoughts follow but I am definitely open to suggestions:-

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