How can the Beyond one World idea be forged?

The idea starts off simply with the ability to allow everyone inspired by it to collaborate and work together on it. To shape the idea, define it, suggest, improve and create a system whereby decisions can be made to develop it.


It needs a place, a home, one which has the power to offer the tools and the accessibility to reach every person on the globe. It needs the commitment and visibility to show that this place is the forge for creating the means which every individual can commit to – to create the framework by which we all want to live by.


It requires three elements to initiate it:-

The first step is visibility of the vision and the call to arms –

It needs YOU, your ideas, your vision, your imagination, your knowledge, your questions, your participation ... let us all create together the most wonderful system that we are all capable of producing. One which can develop and grow with us through the 21st Century, just as we are about to embark on our steps beyond one world and one which will help each individual within it, now and those to follow,  to accomplish all that they can possibly be.

I see the first elements for discussion and collaboration in the following areas:-

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